Terrasaw Portable Power Mini Trencher


The Terrasaw™ Portable Power Trencher digs trenches up to 30 times faster than conventional methods!


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The Terrasaw™ provides quick, easy, versatile trench digging when and where you need it. It digs rapidly with little turf or ground disturbance, which allows for rapid back-filling and quick site cleanup, increasing your productivity and profitability on every job.

Superfast Power Mini Trencher at Low Cost! Mini-Portable-Trencher

The patented Terrasaw cuts a neat smooth-sided trench approximately 40mm wide and up to 700mm deep, depending on the model/trenching bar used. The offset transfer case positions the digging bar centrally, providing excellent ergonomic weight balance and maneuverability. The Terrasaw features a heavy duty trenching chain equipped with toughened steel self sharpening blades, providing high reliability and exceptional performance.

The winner of multiple National Fieldays Invention Awards, this Kiwi invention has created a whole new category of trenching tool.  The Terrasaw is the world’s smallest portable, convenient and cost effective power trencher.


Wider trenches, for large diameter pipes, concrete foundations etc. can quickly be produced with two or more parallel cuts, allowing easy spade removal of remaining soil. It is a simple to dig curves, right angles or custom shapes as required.

Now you don’t have to use large, expensive and cumbersome tractor-mounted or self-driven chain digging machines to do all of your trenching work. In the time it takes to transport conventional trenching equipment, you can take a Terrasaw out of your car, do the job and go home! The impressive digging speed and sheer convenience of a totally portable mini trencher you can carry with one hand means huge time and cost savings.


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The latest news, tips, tricks and helpful hints from the world of Terrasaw. The best Portable Power Trencher available on the market today.

How to Dig a Wider Trench using a Terrasaw Portable Power Trencher

November 11th

Do you need a trench wider than Terrasaw’s standard 40mm, e.g. for large diameter pipes, concrete foundations etc. It is no problem with a Terrasaw portable power trencher.  A wider trench can quickly be produced with two or more parallel cuts, allowing easy spade removal of remaining soil. It is also simple matter to dig […]

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Occupational Safety and Health Recommendations for Operating a Terrasaw

August 1st

Pre-Start.  Check that the power-head, handles, chain brake and all safety guards are in good working order. Personal Protection Equipement. Do not wear loose clothing that may become entangled in the digging chain. Mandatory PPE to be worn:  Safety footwear, safety glasses, hearing protection, chainsaw chaps, gel filled gloves, overalls. Optional PPE where required: Hard hat, dust mask […]

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