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Unique Features and Benefits

  • The TerraTrencher cuts a clean trench 38-40mm (1 ½ inches) wide. The TT500 digs up to 500mm (20 inches) deep and the TT 800 up to 670mm (26 inches).
  • Components are industrial grade, it handles soil with aggregate up to the size of the trench.
  • Digging speed at full depth is close to a metre (39 inches) per minute in most soil types.
  • Safety chain brake and anti-vibration features are retained.
  • Wider trenches can be easily achieved using the twin trench method.
  • Soil is dispersed on approx. a 70 – 30 ratio each side of the trench.
  • The digging chain has self-sharpening teeth that will cut through tree roots up to 30mm (1 inch) dia.
  • When anything solid in the ground is struck, an experienced operator will feel a bounce, rise over it and continue trenching. A hand pick is then used to remove the obstruction.
  • The drive chain, either spray wax or oil lubricated, runs via a transfer case to the main digging chain.
  • The digging bar and chain is centred for ease of balance when digging a trench.
  • The digging bar sprockets have dirt ejectors to keep the digging chain running smoothly.
  • The Wheel Support with remote throttle control makes digging long trenches easy and controls the depth to an even standard.
  • The trencher can be operated by hand for short runs (e.g. when trenching around curves or close to buildings) or in the Wheel Support for longer runs.
  • A “Chipper”pattern chain is supplied. Alternate “Gravel”pattern, carbide toughened and other specialised chain options are available on request. (Use of these is covered in the manual).
  • The TT 500 is a handy size, our most popular model for installing cable/fibre, irrigation lines, landscaping, agriculture and The TT 500 attachment weighs just 7.7kg (17 lb.)
  • The TT 800 version easily digs to approx. 670mm (26 inches) deep, 38-40mm (1 ½ inches) wide, and is favoured by electrical conduit installers and tree transplanters. The TT 800 attachment weighs 9.1kg (20 lb.)
  • To drive these units we specify powerheads from the Stihl MS 4, 5 or 6 series.These are from the Stihl Professional range, selected to deliver the required torque and power. They also have superior air filtration, which we further enhance with our custom filter kits. The intended use, the typical digging conditions and the TT model chosen will determine which powerhead we recommend for optimum performance.
  • The Trencher is fully serviceable. At our (Auckland, NZ) facility we stock all the parts and accessories you may need. Call in or courier it in for a fast turnaround. Alternatively parts and service can be sourced through your local Stihl dealer.

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