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Highly Recommended
I was told about the TerraTrencher by one of my electrical contractors. He was using his to cut 600 mm deep trenches to bury electrical cables.
I saw him operating on one of my building projects and was highly impressed. The speed firstly, and the fact that he was cutting such a tiny slot. In the past this would have been done with a digger, 300 mm wide, then back filled.
For some years I have been trying to solve a ground water problem that I have in a very large lawn and was recommended to use a product called Mega Flow Drainage.
This is a very rigid plastic reinforced drain. It goes into a narrow 300mm deep trench, on edge, so it was obvious I needed a TerraTrencher.
Well, we got 500 meters trenched in no time at all.
I can highly recommend the TerraTrencher to anybody doing this sort of work.

Kip KempthorneSt Heliers

Magnificent little machines!
We are so grateful for the two machines we purchased from you five years ago, they are incredible.
As you know we install a tremendous amount of irrigation pipework. The Terratrenchers are so efficient and do such a nice neat job I don’t know what I’d do without them, and your backup service is fantastic. It’s always a pleasure working with you, congratulations on inventing such a magnificent little machine!

Wayne GilinskyWaiheke Island