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TerraTrencher Chains – A Handy Guide

There are 2 basic Chain types

    1. Drive chain Part No. 22DA-DC-94
      This is the primary chain driven by the powerhead drive sprocket.
      It must be lubricated at every fuel stop by spray wax, (or by oil if the power head is set up for automatic oiling).
    2. Digging chain – there are currently 3 styles in regular use
      This chain does the hard work, driven by the 9 tooth sprocket. Digging chains have heavy duty industrial grade chain with hardened carbon steel digging teeth. This chain typically cuts a 38 to 40 mm wide trench. It should not be lubricated. Oil or other lubricant attracts dirt.
  • Chipper Pattern Chain, most popular, a good general purpose pattern but especially good for harder ground/difficult digging. This tooth pattern includes drag teeth. Versions available:
    • 500 – Part No. 28DC-5-C Often sold as twin packs.  Part No. 28DC-5-C-2P
    • 800 – Part No. 28DC-8-C Often sold as twin packs.  Part No. 28DC-8-C-2P
  • Gravel Pattern Chain, very handy as an alternate/spare, very effective in gravelly or light friable soils. This tooth pattern does not include drag teeth. Versions available:
    • 500 – Part No. 28DC-5-G Often sold as twin packs. Part No. 28DC-5-G-2P
    • 800 – Part No. 28DC-8-G  Often sold as twin packs. Part No. 28DC-8-G-2P
  • Hard Faced Chain, available in Chipper pattern only. Teeth have a special silicon carbide edge to handle very abrasive conditions. It has several times the life of a regular chain. Well suited to ground where gravel, pebbles or pumice are often present. Versions available:
    • 500 – Part No. 28DC-5-C-HF Sold only as a single chain
    • 800 – Part No. 28DC-8-C-HF Sold only as a single chain

Re-ordering Tip: Unsure what type of digging chain you have? If it has 14 teeth, it is a TT 500 chain. If it has 20 teeth, it is a TT800 chain. If it has any drag teeth (that sweep only the centre of the cut) it is a Chipper pattern. If not, it is a Gravel pattern.


 July 2022